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    高考英语的满分作文 Never judge a book by its cover
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    高考英语的满分作文 Never judge a book by its cover

    还记得这句英文谚语Never judge a book by its cover吗 下面四幅图就描述了这样一个故事.假设你是第一幅图中左边的男孩,站在右边的是你的朋友Jack,你的妈妈一开始因为他的.穿着打扮很不欢他,可是后来又发生了什么呢



    Possible Version:

    March 21th Sunday Sunny

    My new friend Jack is a fashion follower who often wears strange clothes and long hair. But my mother drove him away from our flat at the first sight yesterday. She thought he was a bad person, although she didn't know him at all.

    However, mom totally changed her mind this morning. When we were walking down the street near our home, we witnessed an accident. A boy was hit by a car when he was walking across the road with headphones. Many people saw it, but at first no one knew how to help. Then someone rushed forwards and covered the boy with his coat to keep warm. He looked after him well until the ambulance came. It was Jack! His calmness and seasoned first aid skills moved mom. She went and apolpgized to Jack for her former attitute, and told him that he was always welcome to our home.

    That gives me a lesson. The appearance may reflect one's interest, but it isn't the symbol of one's quality. We should never judge a book with its cover.

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